Important Tips to Keep Your Woolen Socks in Top Shape

Nothing is highly comfortable than wearing woolen knee cap and socks on a chilly day. Wool is one of the natural gifts for human and it has been utilized for many centuries to get protection against the cold. This natural fibre has excellent moisture wicking property, which pulls moisture away from your skin. It also offers resilient padding to your feet. Since wool is the tough and long lasting fibre, your knee cap and socks will be comfortable for many years of use.

No matter, whether you purchase mass-manufactured woollen socks or obtain a pair of hand-knit wool socks, you need to understand the things on how to wash and keep them for a longer use. Most of the people are not sure about how to care woollen accessories to extend their life as well as keep them in the proper shape. In this article, you will get to know everything about keeping the woollen socks in the right shape.

How to wash your wool socks

Wool is antimicrobial and antibacterial so that it does not need washing as often as other fabrics. Until your socks soaked with the water or sweat, you can able to air them out and then wear it again. Wool has the capacity of absorbing 30% of their dry weight before you start feeling any wetness. It is all happening because of its unique wicking property, which utilizes your body heat in order to encourage evaporation.

Whenever you are not sure whether to machine or hand wash your wool, you can read the product label. In case, if you buy woolen socks online, then you check out the manufacturer guidelines to wash. This will let you know what settings required to wash it on the machine or ways to do hand wash. Based on the wool fibre you have, the washing method will vary. For example, merino wool either need gently machine wash with the wool specific soap or hand washing.

Keep in mind that you should turn the socks inside out when washing to prevent pilling as well as extend its life. Avoid fabric softener and bleach as these products are extremely harsh. You will find much soap online, which does not cause any harm to the natural fibres so that you can use them.

Wool socks drying tips

It is always better to line dry all of your wool items right from your favourite base layer to the pair of wool socks.  Try to place all these items on the laundry line and then clothespin them to secure them from falling down because of blowing wind. You can dry the socks over the laundry basket and hang them over the shower curtain rod. Ensure your pets cannot reach them if they like for nibbling wool.

How to store wool socks

When the woollen socks balled around one another, they can stretch and soon become misshapen. Rather than, you can lay them flat in the plastic box in order to let the fibres relax naturally. You can add some moths to the container to get them the nice smell.

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