Things You Need To Remember While Renting A Storage Space

Things You Need To Remember While Renting A Storage Space

Renting a storage unit is an economical option for small businesses, who want some extra space to store their goods and other essentials. There are several sizes of storage units available- from a small 5×5 feet storage space to ones with area of several thousand feet.

If you are a newbie who’s looking out for a storage space for rent, then here are a few things that you need to keep in your mind while doing so-

  • Understand your needs

Analyze your needs and make a checklist of requirements that the storage room you are planning to rent needs to fulfill.

For example, consider the size of the storage space. Choose the space of the right size and avoid paying for extra unused space.

Climate controlled storage units are perfect for certain requirements. Parameters such as temperature and humidity can be controlled in these units and hence they are expensive. Such units can protect goods against extreme weather condition. Also see if the storage units are well lit.

Check the overall safety of the unit- number of locks and if surveillance cameras are installed. Check if the storage unit is accessible 24/7.

  • Consider insurance for the storage unit

It is always better to insure the goods that are to be stored in the unit as the storage facilities are not responsible for loss or damage of these goods.

Many storage facilities offer affordable storage insurance options or provide protection against damaged or lost goods free of cost.

  • Check the customer reviews and ratings.

Reviews play an important role in choosing a storage unit.

Go through the Yelp and Google reviews on a storage unit and understand what other customers experienced. Renting a space with a good review can surely be a return on investment.

  • Location of the storage unit

It is often better to choose a storage unit which is considerably close to your house and also provides desired features.

Storage units can be either indoor or outdoor. Indoor units are located inside the storage unit and are usually accessed by a hallway. Hence they can be easily accessed and offer protection to your possessions. Outdoor storage units are preferred as loading and unloading goods into them is easy. They are large when compared to indoor storage units.

  • Research and compare

Find the storage places on the Internet and read their reviews.

Compare multiple storage units based on their accessibility, size, price, security, payment flexibility, customer reviews, and other features. Based on the comparison, filter the storage units and visit them personally When visiting the storage unit, check if any issues exist in it such as rodent issue, water leakage and others. Some facilities allow spaces to be rented on a monthly basis

Choose a unit which is affordable and provides maximum desirable features.

Hope that this article helps you to rent the perfect storage unit according to your needs.

Thanks for reading!

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