Accredited Test Labs Agency in China

Accredited Test Labs Agency in China

Importing China products need to be examined with Lab testing China. This will make you sure, you can import them or not in your region. There is a vast global demand for China-made toys, textiles, electrical and electronic products, and foods. The importer must do a lab test such that they are legal to import in your nation. This is because a country may have a restriction on some hazardous chemical, plastic, safety, health, and environmental concern. You must do a proper lab test and find they are suitable for importing to your country. All these are possible with the help from the testing labs present in China.

Product Testing in China

Product testing laboratories in China are of private and multinational companies. Manufacturers in China usually have a lab and testing unit to manufacture as per China rules and regulation to make a product. However, this will not be the same with other nation. Yet you can import a good by doing a proper lab test such that it will not be rejected at the airport or seaport due to non-compliance.


There are special labs present in China for testing electronic products. This is because they need separate testing equipment and tools to test its safety, EMF, voltage, and UL/CE compliance. An accredited lab can only provide certification such that those safety and warning signs present on the products are already certified and these are safe to use for the consumers.


China manufactures many cheap electrical products, which are having multi-purpose uses for the household. They need to test for voltage, hertz, and functional testing before you import them to your nation. Anyone of the test is not according to your countries compliance have more possibilities to get reject your goods by the customs department.


The China-made clothing is cheap and worth for its quality, style, and designs. You must do a lab test for shrinkage, child safety, and toxicity of those fabrics. This may be a finished or semi-finished cloth. A lab test from an accredited lab will make you sure; you can import those fabrics in your nation. Yet, China textile manufacturers also do proper lab testing to meet the importer compliance. You can also conduct a lab test with a third-party agency. You must also check for the fabric packing contains all such signs and safety symbol to import in your nation. This is a prime thing, which a manufacturer prints them after carrying proper lab testing before manufacturing.

Lab testing China is important for the manufacturers in China and the importers. An accredited testing laboratory is the best one to hire for this service. They are affordable, and you must get a quote before hiring their lab testing services. They are present in China as micro and macro level industrial lab testing service providers. You can find them online too. They are mostly present near to the industrials hubs of China. You can also call a nearby lab testing company and do the lab test needed by you.

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