Summer Items That You Can Store Away To Make Room For Your Winter Essentials:

Winter is here already and you will now need heaters, blankets, warm clothing, fireplace accessories and many such items to enjoy the chilly season.

But, where have you planned to keep these items? Definitely nit in your home, because you already have a lot of summer essentials stacked everywhere in the apartment. Thanks to the compact living spaces, storing everything inside the house is not possible.

Some how to manage everything? You certainly need winter essentials to enjoy a cozy, warm and comfortable winter.

And not to forget, winter items are space occupying, especially the clothes, and you will need more space for storage than you summer essentials. Luckily, there are storage units that offer you convenient summer items storage options.

The very next question to pop in your mind is “what all summer items can I move to a storage units?” This blog answers your queries and offer you a list of summer items that you can store in storage units Wahiawa.

Pool storage:

Pool stuff takes a lot of space and because we love water activities, we all have access of pool items. You can move your pool floats, pool toys, towels, kid’sfloatiest, storage bins with swim shoes and swim suits, swim diapers, goggles, and more to a storage unit and safely store it in there.

Summer clothing:

You need extra space to store your sweaters, coats, winter boots and other stuff, its best to move all your summer clothing items to a reliable storage unit and make room for the winter supplies.

Pack all the summer clothes, shoes and hats in a plastic bin, put in some moth balls, and move it to the storage unit near you. Do not forget to label the plastic bin for ease in future.

Patio Furniture:

The winter furniture is the first to take effect of the dipping mercury. You need to take out the tables, chairs, umbrellas, swings, etc. and store them inside. If you do not want to overcrowd your store rooms or garages at home, you can pack these items to store them in a storage unit.

Garden equipment:

If you live in a region that receives snow in the winter, your garden will be covered with a white sheet most of the winter.

Certainly, you will not get a chance to mow the garden or prune the branches. This also means that you will no longer need your gardening tools and for their safety sake, it is best to store them in a storage unit.

Recreational vehicle:

You are lucky if you have an RV. But, you also need to be responsible to keep it in the best condition.

At a storage unit, you get the best storing conditions for your recreational vehicles. There are climate controlled storage units option, wherein the stuff remains safe, irrespective of the fluctuating temperature and other climatic conditions.

Beach supplies:

No one dares to hit the beach during the winter, while it is the opposite in the summer season. You must have a lot of beach supplies which demand safe storage in the winter season. Pack all the beach stuff in a clear plastic bin and move it to the storage units.

These are some of the summer items that you can move to the storage unit to make place for winter essentials and also ensure their safety at the same time.

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